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About me

My world can be embedded in the phrase of the German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach "The world is pathetic for a miserable man , the world is empty for an empty man." I have not quite simple character, I am quite demanding. In any human communication I put a piece of my soul, of course I want to get it in return. Positive traits of my character are: responsiveness, openness , kindness, I never show my bad mood. I do not like to judge myself, because I am quite self-critical , I could no longer write about my positive qualities . My negative traits are: due to the increased emotionality I can be a little touchy , sometimes I need time to sort out my relationship with another person , and while I do not understand myself and I do not understand my feelings, there may be some reticence in relations.

Hobbies and interests

I am a versatile person , and I am always eager to discover something new. I have many hobbies , I like dancing , painting , horse riding and swimming. At the moment my main hobby is the creation of jewelry, this process brings me great pleasure , peace of mind , I have never thought that in me there is so much perseverance. I would like this hobby to grow into something bigger and to bring interest and colorful images into lives of many girls . Free time I dedicate mostly for a self-development , and I meet with friends, socialize, visit theaters, cinemas , cafes .

Looking For Men Type

I want to meet a noble, highly intelligent, strong man, who will make my world stop when he enters the room. I want to find a bright man, to share his life, to give him all my love. I want my man to be a person, whom I cannot stop admiring.