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About me

I am a well-bred, merry and kind person. I am very tactful and shy. I am a pleasant person to deal with, I never lose my temper. I also have a kind heart and a strong will. I am always ready to help my friends. I always manage to be amusing and cheerful. I am an easy-going girl. I am very modest.

Hobbies and interests

I have been dancing since I was 5. And it is passion of my life. At first, I danced ballroom dancers. It is very beautiful and elegant. Dress, heels, hair, what could be more beautiful? Before going on a stage, you feel excitement. But once the music starts to play, once there is a great desire to come out and shows to all that you are capable. And exit. Crowds of people are watching your every movement, a smile. And it is a true happiness. Dance and enjoy the fact that you are doing. Believe me, there are no such people who cannot dance. Try, you must succeed. And for someone dance will be a part of the life. Dance to live! Now, my hobbies are connected with beauty industry. I like photoshooting and that's why I have a lot of professional photos. I am fond of history and I like to read historical novels. I like everything new and unknown.For me life is a dance. Every movement, swing, turn, makes the world brighter.

Looking For Men Type

I would like to meet a confident, successful man who wants a happy family! I know how to bring bright colours in your life.