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About me

I am a woman of moods. If I feel fine both physically and mentally when I wake up, then the day was a success. I am sociable in life, I easily find a common language with different people. I don't know if this can be considered a plus, but I am talkative, and you can't call it a minus either, because it is great when you can chat with a person on different topics. I am also an overly punctual person, as they say that I am not late and I don't like or rather I can't stand it when others are late. If we take other sides, then I am soft, kind, affectionate, but I can change very quickly for the worse. Many are used to refer to the signs of the Zodiac, then Gemini is also a miracle with a dual nature. Most likely, this played a role in the development of my character. But, in spite of everything that I have listed, I am a great friend. I don't have many friends, more acquaintances, but if I chose a person and decided that he would be close to me, then I can always turn my shoulder.

Hobbies and interests

I have been dancing for a very long time. I was fond of both folk and modern dances. I devoted all my free time to this hobby. I even had the idea of becoming a choreographer. At the moment, I am fond of cooking. I like to have a meal in the kitchen, and I also often watch cooking shows. It seems to me that all people like to eat tasty food, so the ability to cook is always useful. I can not only prepare something simple, but also unusual, and I can bake cakes. Of course, there is still something to learn, but the main desire. I like to do needlework, but there is not always enough time for this lesson. Usually, this is cross-stitching or making flowers from corrugated paper, as well as from satin ribbons. In general, I am often interested in some kind of creativity. I am always interested in the final result, what will happen in the end, and is there any point in continuing to do this further.

Looking For Men Type

I want to meet a worthy man, next to whom I will feel happy. I want to have a kind, reliable, purposeful man who will love and support me. Together with such a man I want to create a strong union. For me, age is just numbers that have nothing to do with feelings. I can love a man for his inner qualities.