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About me

I believe that I can achieve more than I think. After all, my indecision is that companion, which does not give the opportunity to take some serious step. Basically, though, I am more masculine. If I like some activity, then I can give myself to it completely, without a trace. I am a very kind and sympathetic girl, always ready to help. I always try to find something positive in everything, so I almost never have a bad mood. My friends say that it is very easy with me. I am never afraid to laugh at myself. I believe that this is the lot of strong people. I am looking for a man who can always listen to me, with whom I will feel like a little girl in reliable and strong hands.

Hobbies and interests

Each person has their own hobbies and entertainment. For example, I am fond of music, drawing, geography - these are my main interests. But most of all, I like computer games and everything connected with them. I never like to sit still. I always try to find food for my mind. For this reason, I can spend hours taking different quizzes and tests. After all, not knowing the right answer right away, you start looking for it on the Internet, bumping into various interesting articles from which you can learn a lot of new information.

Looking For Men Type

The man I am looking for is, first of all, a friend and a reliable shoulder that you can always lean on. Humor is very important! My ideal man is also a good and interesting conversationalist. He is not shy about showing his real feelings and emotions. Most importantly, he is able to take care of his girlfriend, always respects her opinion and interests. He will never impose his interests, but at the same time, he should not be henpecked. This is exactly the person with whom you can make joint purchases, watch and discuss films. And you can just always have a heart to heart talk. He should not close in himself, but will always be ready to discuss any questions and problems, share his mood and emotions. I need exactly the man with whom I will be confident in the future.