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About me

Young and beautiful - perhaps the two most obvious things that you can notice when you meet me for the first time. Moreover, I am actually a blonde, but, thank God, the myth about blonde's intellect has nothing to do with me. At least I study a lot to prove it wrong. I love people for who they are, and sometimes my friends say that I can forgive too much. It really is. If you want to be understood, I can listen to you with sympathy. I like everything that brings beauty to this life. I can enjoy it and create myself.

Hobbies and interests

I am always busy with one or another extra activity, and one of them is a beauty pageant. It is a chance not to show off your body in fancy outfits, but to know how to behave in public, gain more confidence and of course to meet new people. Yes, and I cannot help but mention that I am an amateur actress. Every week I go to the local theater to rehearse new plays.

Looking For Men Type

I have no limits on how my man will look or what his character traits will be. My youth here is an advantage. I am open to love a man for all his perfect imperfections, bad mood and being busy at work. If I feel comfortable and happy with him, then I will work hard on that relationship. For me, a person is not what he does. He may be a good plumber, painter, director, etc., but at home he will be the best husband and friend. There is another side of the coin - my youth has some disadvantages-a lack of experience in relationships. So my future boyfriend will help me here. What I offer is an absolutely pure background for love and understanding.