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About me

I am a very active, tender and understanding woman. I know that my smile brings smile to other people and it makes me smile more often. I really love life and I am used to not paying attention to some things that can spoil my mood. I am not about dramas and I prefer to take things easy. At the same time, I am a serious woman. I really have respect for other people and prefer not to waste time if I see that something will not work. As you also see, I am a quite direct person and some people do not really like it. However, I prefer to tell the truth even when sometimes it is not as sweet as people want to hear.

Hobbies and interests

I am a very serious and professional lawyer and now you will be very shocked as I am the lawyer who loved to dance! Of course I do it according to law)! Besides I like to read (not only constitution), I love to spend time in interesting places and from time to time I do not mind to stay alone and to let myself to be a bit lazy. I am a very healthy woman, as I like to go in for sport and I do not eat harmful food. I like to watch comedies and to have a very good laugh! I am just curious if you have the same interests that I have.

Looking For Men Type

My dear future man, stop searching for a miracle with hope that one day the woman of your dreams will suddenly appears and will knock on your door. Dreams will always stay dreams. Nevertheless, if you want to become a happy husband you should make some steps and to look carefully at woman who are surround you. Therefore, I am a real woman with a real heart, wishes and desires. I do not play games and especially I do not accept mind games. I need a man who will be ready not only to talk about himself, but who will be ready to listen to his woman, to respect her and who will never make her to do what she doesn't want to do. I am not sure that there are many such men nowadays, but I decided to try my luck, who knows maybe I will meet the only man in the whole world who is serious and will not spend all his time in from of computer, but who will share it with me!